Thursday, December 7, 2017

TrumpOphobia Syndrome

I'm sure some psychiatrist has already identified and named the trauma syndrome that mysteriously appeared in our culture last Inauguration Day.  I know I have it, with media fatigue and a general hopeless malaise sitting on my shoulders like Poe's raven. 

Unless one is a Republican (for whom things are going merrily along), there are suddenly SO MANY issues to care about -- and so few ways to actually change anything, given the GOP majorities in the House and Senate and the giant, unrestricted funding behind them.

How is it that we have suddenly become embroiled in so many real conflicts in just 11 short months?

I wasn't politically oblivious during Obama's administration, and I don't think he did everything perfectly given his inexperience and his obstructionist Congress, but I don't recall waking up at night in a cold sweat worrying about:

  • DACA - and the 800,000 immigrants who were brought here as children and now possibly being deported to a completely unfamiliar country/
  • ACA - and all those millions of people who will be left with either NO insurance or prohibitively expensive insurance, especially those who have a hard time with finances now. 
  • EPA - currently run by a man who hates the very existence of his own agency and who is sabotaging its purpose and goals -- to the detriment of us all. 
  • Climate Change - Not a priority for this president, and not even believed to be true by officials with budgetary power. 
  • "Review" of national monuments, which will result in downsizing and being opened up for industrial exploitation. 
  • CHIP - medical care program for children which has expired and has not yet been re-authorized. 
  • ANWAR - drilling in the Arctic wildlife preserve for oil, when the market is already glutted.  Threats have also been made for offshore drilling in California. 
  • Tax Reform - Bad enough for the average American in its current unfinished form but with potential devastation to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security as "entitlements" will be targeted to pay for the corporate and one-percenters' tax breaks. 
  • Every single political move made with an eye toward profit/gain instead of toward the welfare of the American people. 
  • Gun control -- where is it, Republican Congress?  Five years after Newtown, concealed carry laws are about to be liberalized?  Really?
  • Packing the courts with unqualified federal judges, some of whom have records of racist and homophobic remarks. 
  • Racism and xenophobia at the highest levels, making their noxious ways into policies (Muslim travel ban, immigration policies, the stupid Mexican Wall). 
  • Misplaced, unwarranted and dangerous pandering to evangelical "Christians," resulting in limitations to health care access, particularly for women, and imposition of religious values not shared by millions of Americans. 
  • Actual nuclear WAR with North Korea, and God knows what violence now in Israel/Palestine. 
  • Enduring complete humiliation by having an ill-informed, lying, racist president, completely without honor and integrity, who has supported an alleged pedophile for senator, who himself is accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault, who has called racists and Nazis "good people," who has likely colluded with Russia, and who has alienated most major countries by his despicable actions and speech.  I hate that this despicable man makes me hate. 
  • ...and so much more.  
I wouldn't feel so hopeless and frustrated if I believed in an avenue to STOP this horrible direction.  We're told to look to 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 presidential election -- but I haven't seen much evidence of dynamic, engaged leadership yet -- have you?  I do think people (libtards, like me) are rallying and coming together -- but an angry crowd is just a mob without effective leadership, enough money to make a difference, and political savvy to make a change.  Are there Democratic versions of the Koch Brothers...and all the rest of that cabal...who so effectively manipulate elections (e.g., Roy Moore)? 

Is this what happened in Germany in the 1930's?  I've always resented the ordinary German people who allowed and even championed Hitler's rise to power, and I personally remember the aftermath of his genocidal actions, but is this how it started?  I'm feeling a bit more sympathetic toward those German common folk these days as I just don't see how we are going to turn this around.  

Things are being done that will have lasting effects -- and not for the good of most of us.   
Things are being done in our name that a majority of us find anathema.  
Very bad things are being done by this Republican machine -- how the hell do we stop it?  

Whatever it's really named, I definitely have TumpOphobia Syndrome, and so far nothing seems to soothe.  

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