Friday, July 19, 2019

I Am Summer


I am the chaos of breeze,
Stirring the myrtle crowned with blossoms.
I am the twig at the tip of the branch,
The elfin hummingbird clutching the twig.
I am the sharp-eyed hawk soaring thermals above,
And the mouse prey, cowering in shadow below.
I am the dove, mourning my mate,
The chittering sparrow, woodpecker rapping,
The blue jay, pounding peanuts in grass
Against winter’s dearth.
I am the honeysuckle and jasmine, capturing the fence,
Married with gardenia in heady perfume.
I am the gaura, posing as butterfly,
Hosting aphids to feed the finch.
I am geranium, hollyhock, rose and lavender,
Seducing all bees to my nectar.
I am the earwig, the beetle, the spider, the worm,
Dragonfly, moth, mosquito, army of ants;
I am the mockingbird, laughing, eating the bugs,
Battling a robin for the largesse.
I, oleander, spread flamboyantly scarlet,
Dangerous, deadly;
Unlike I, the tomato, swelling juicy and red.
I am the green of garden,
Azure and pearl of sky.
I am the water, the soil,
The river rocks, silent, but with ancient secrets to tell.
I am the garden, I am the Earth,
I am all that is living, and dying each day.

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