Saturday, October 27, 2007

30 Creative Days Hath November

Several of the blogs I read (and those they link to) center around graphic arts, illustrations, painting, photos, etc. To recharge their creativity, these artists often set a personal goal to work in their field at least a bit every day for an entire month -- no artistic blocks allowed, no excuses, no procrastination...just a soupcon of creative productivity every day.

Following their excellent example and to get my muse off it's lazy, contented fanny, I'm going to be writing SOMETHING here every day in November -- probably not my usual long, pontificating harangues, but something.

When I started this blog I didn't want it to become a reflection of my personal life (as so many thousands and thousands of "I washed out my socks last night" blogs are), but rather a broader forum on cultural and political issues from my viewpoint. For this one month I may break that rule and see if there's anything "inside" to write about, rather than always commenting on all of the "outside" stuff.

November, with its rainy, windy, dark and dreary, while I ponder, weak and weary, walking-on-the-moors alone, mood-provoking days, was always a fruitful month for my younger writer's brain... we'll see if that holds true now that the ancient brain is phasing into atrophy.

For those of you who are kind enough to read this blog when I send an email reminder, I'm not going to bother you with all that mail in November -- if you feel like it, check in and see if I've held to my vow... and thanks, as always, for taking the time to read.

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