Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hi After Hiatus

The last time I wrote here was the day before Leap Day... and today is the day after Summer Solstice. There must be some secret symbolism in this occultish juxtaposition... or maybe I just wanted to type 'juxtaposition'. Anyway -- for what it's worth, I'm back at the blogging keyboard.

I checked in with all blogs in my section "Blogs Necessary To My Day," and while I've had nearly four months of days without them (proving they are hardly "necessary",) they still rang my bell. Dooce has gone big-time with mainstream media coverage of her whacked out life and entertaining writing, and Jill is still pedaling her talented self all over Alaska -- which I envy more than usual since I'm down to about half a knee, myself -- and my other favorites have been just perking along.

I was urged back to my keyboard and blogdom by two compelling prods: 1) I've kept my mouth shut about presidential campaign politics about two weeks longer than I can possibly stand; 2) Martha Beck (she of the motivational books) writes that if there is an activity where you literally lose yourself, lose touch with time and space as you engage in it, then it is connected to your "essential self." Writing for me has always fit that profile, so I'm letting my "essential self" have a little time.

What have I been doing these months, you ask?

Since I've been out of touch here, I've been on a road trip to Oregon (1300 miles, most of them beautiful, many of them challenging to drive), and I've posted a few pictures of the scenery in my gallery on the right.

I've written two children's books for my grandkids and outlined a third and fourth. I wish, wish wish marketing fiction wasn't the thoroughly tedious and disappointing experience that it is... but the reality of the business of writing is miserable. The little kids are tickled with the books, though.

Amazon sends me love letters for all the money I spend with them. Three books I'll recommend to anyone are "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver, "Under The Banner Of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer, and "Luncheon Of The Boating Party" by Susan Vreeland. I read, but wouldn't recommend "Atonement" by Ian McEwan, and if you're in the mood for a succinct and pithy assessment of Islam from a Catholic perspective, "Inside Islam: A Guide For Catholics" by Daniel Ali and Robert Spencer will wake you right up.

If you're poised on the uncomfortable horns of a life-style dilemma, Martha Beck's "Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming The Life You Were Meant To Live" is a goodie, as is her book on weight loss, "The Four Day Win: End Your Diet War And Achieve Thinner Peace." She has umpteen advanced degrees and a witty, engaging writing style (along with her penchant for long titles). If you're into New Age stuff, "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay is... interesting.

I didn't begin this blog with the idea of detailing my personal life (as oh so many and oh too many bloggers do), so I promise this will be one of very few "me me me" postings... there are just too many issues out there begging for commentary. It's nice to be back -- I hope you'll join me now and then.

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