Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Personal Invitation

For those few but faithful friends who are kind enough to read these postings, this is an invitation to visit this blog's spawn,  "CynWrites: Adventure In France."

I'm sure you each know by now of my big adventure this coming April, when I will be spending that month in France.  The new blog will serve as a travel diary, photo album and postcards home during that vacation. 

I promise I won't bore you by writing about each meal, each time I can't communicate with a native and each time I get lost -- but you may find some of the places I visit interesting since they will mostly be off the usual tourist track. 

Also, a major plus according to some, I'll be writing on a tiny little notebook computer with itsy bitsy keys, so I promise the posts will be short.

Anyway, please join me on my trip.  The real fun begins on March 31st, but I'll be writing a few posts on that blog beforehand.  You can access that blog from this one (the link is in the right-hand corner above) -- or once you're on the Adventure blog, simply bookmark it and check in now and then.  I probably won't be sending email notices for every post -- that would be pretty damn annoying.

I'm wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and sending you good thoughts for a wonderful year ahead.



Swan said...

Will you be visiting the Cluny museum? It's a medieval building atop Roman baths. The art and artifacts within are medieval. It's one of my favorites.

~~ Cynthia ~~ said...

The Cluny is one of my favorites, too -- anything medieval is my cup of tea, and that museum is extraordinary. Tracy Chevalier's book "The Lady And The Unicorn" came to life seeing the beautiful tapestries at the museum.

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