Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Screwed -- And Not Even A Kiss

There have been as many words written about the Health Care Bill/Law as there are dollars stacked up in our National Debt, so I'm only going to add a few -- everything that could be said has already been said, anyway.

I wasn't around for the birth of Social Security,  retirement was so far off in 1965 that I don't remember any of the flack over Medicare, and I guess my memory has failed so much that even the recent fight over Medicare's prescription benefit has drained out of my brain.   Taken together, they provide at least a cushion of comfort and safety for retirees -- even more so if retirment planning wasn't possible or was ignored.  I know millions of seniors are thankful for that trifecta of government goodies.

Those entitlements have been a part of our landscape for some time now and I'm pretty sure each was a fight, although they did have some bipartisan support, unlike Sunday's House vote on Obamacare.

Every day In my business I see gruesome examples of the damage inflicted by the lack of medical insurance and the inequities of the current system.  I've experienced first-hand the frightening burden of my husband exceeding a lifetime medical benefit, and I worked my tail off trying to keep up with COBRA payments.  I've thought for a long time that "something" should be done about some of these issues, particularly with regard to the working poor and those who struggle every day to just barely exist.  I support on humanitarian and Christian grounds some sort of moderate solution to the obvious problems.

We did not get a "moderate solution" on Sunday night.  We didn't get a reasonable way to provide medical insurance for those without.  We got screwed by overwhelming reform, engineered by the dirtiest, sleaziest politics I've ever witnessed, as the Obamatank rolled over the majority of Americans' wishes. The idealist gasping its last breath inside of me wants to believe the Executive Order promise of no Federal funding for abortion -- the cynical realist says, right -- this from the most blatantly pro-abortion President ever elected.  There will be a back door to that EO and it will be revoked or circumvented at the first possible opportunity (all hush-hush and denied, of course).

The next few months will be interesting and critical as conservatives try to walk this action back to a more sensible solution than has been shoved down our throats (or up the other way, if you choose...).  I think Washington is in for a surprise at the resistance/revolution it has ignited.  I still bite my nails and wonder, though, where ARE the intelligent, committed, dynamic leaders that the Republicans hope will whip the Dems in the next couple of elections?  I hope they surface soon enough to get a foothold in the public consciousness before the next campaigns rev up.  

Here are three links for you that say it all better and more succinctly than I ever could.  Be sure to watch the video -- it's chilling.
and HERE.

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