Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter Says I'm A Racist..., I guess if a senior Democratic luminary like former President Carter says it, it must be true.

I didn't support Barack Obama's candidacy for president because I couldn't figure out how or why he was qualified to hold that office.  His only credentials were that he was 1) a lawyer;  2) a former "community organizer";  3) a junior Senator from Illinois who had no legislative credits to his name but managed to vote "present" in the Senate. Yeah, that makes me a racist.

I was alarmed at the internet reports of Obama's ties with ACORN and puzzled that the trusted mainstream media didn't provide any investigative efforts to this questionable link.  Since ACORN helps the poor, which in the East means African-Americans in the majority, I'm certainly a racist on this question.  We all know now what a sterling organization ACORN has been.  The Senate proved it yesterday.

I found the yes/no/yes/no relationship between Obama and convicted domestic terrorist William Ayres far more than questionable -- on the continuum to frightening -- and didn't believe for a second the whitewash (oops) that relationship was given in the campaign.  I've also felt nervous about Obama's ties to sleazy Chicago politics (where some of his closest advisors hail from.) One more racist strike against me.

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows my feelings and fears about the liberal bias in the media -- which bias is being recognized and talked about more and more.  Because I don't believe everything the MSM has to say about the Obama presidency -- and because I wonder why they don't say more about the failures to date of his administration -- I'm a racist, pure and simple.

Within my limited understanding of powerhouse economics, I'm sure some Federal action was necessary to ward off an even deeper recession than the one we're enjoying now, but some of Obama's actions and policies have seemed so cavalier with taxpayer money -- your money, my money.  I worry about oversight and accountability for the billions that have been promised in "stimulus funds."  I worry about adding to a national debt that will burden my great-great grandkids.  That worry is only exacerbated by the knowledge that Obama's employment history doesn't include a day when he was required to make a profit.  (Well, maybe some of his billable attorney hours supported a profit center, but that office didn't carry his name, did it.)  Yeah -- scratch another mark in the racist column.

I've written at length here about Obamacare and wondered why we have to attack such a massive problem at this particular time -- when the economy is still so sluggish and experts predict high unemployment for years to come.  Millions of jobs lost are lost for a long, long time -- particularly when the administration is so obviously anti-business.  I wonder about the rush to pass health care legislation when none of it will even take effect until 2013.  I wonder why we can't just fix the obvious problems now in small steps, instead of putting a massive portion of our economy and way of life in the blender and ending up with a smoothie labeled "more government control."  Oh God, that surely makes me a racist, doesn't it. 

I'm confused about the inner workings of the West Wing, where 40 smarty-pants are called "czars" and enjoy unprecedented access and influence over the President -- including the stellar Van Jones of recent fame.  Why, how dare I question the nation's CEO's method of managing his administration -- surely, I'm a racist.

Even though I discussed (here) my personal lack of patriotism, I've not applauded our President's performances during his international visits.  I've felt embarrassed at his wimpy strategy of apology during his many speeches.  I wonder about his appeasement of Chavez and Iran and his odd stance with Israel.  I don't think America has been 100% right 100% of the time, but for God's sake, he's representing our country and appears to be ashamed of it...odd, when he wanted the job so damned bad.  Oh mea culpa, slap my racist cheek!

The most damming evidence against me, though, is the fact that I don't swallow whole the chunks of bullshit that are thrown from the White House and mainstream media hourly.  I actually choose to research facts from  other sources, I try to apply some of my own life experiences and, dare I say it, wisdom, to the problems we all face, and too often that research and thought don't agree with the Obamarama party line.

Yes! Yes!  I'm a racist.  I no longer support the liberal/progressive/Democratic views, so the only conclusion those small-minded, close-minded people can draw is that I'm a racist.

What a cheap shot, President Carter.  What a limited viewpoint.  What a pity.

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Anonymous said...

I am depressed by the ideological teeter totter between the conservative right and the liberal left, and I am conerned about the bias in the mainstream media,too, but from a different perspective than yours.

When Ronald Reagan deregulated the FCC's ownership requirments, he allowed corporations to buy up as many ourlets as they could, and permitted cross ownership in markets where there had been none before.

Reagan's FCC appointees also threw out the Fairness Doctrine which required equal time for opposing points of view. That allowed corporations such as the Dallas based and archly conservtive Clear Channel, which now owns thousands of stations nationwide, to dominate markets and broadcast what it damn well pleases, such as that fat, drug addled law breaker, Rush Limbaugh, without giving air time to opposing opinion.

At present, four corporations run most of the broadcasting news outlets in the country, and newspapers are dropping like flies. Even our venerable McClatchy empire is laying off people right and left, citing the growth of the Internet as the reason. That is not a good thing.

A few years ago I drove a KCRA exec to the airport, and I commented on the narrowcasting of news due to group ownership.

He said, "Nonsense. The Internet has given us more news outlets than at any time in our history."

He was right about the quantity, but the quality is very questionable indeed.

Me, for TV news, I prefer BBC news, and, being a commmie pinko kneejerk bleeding heart liberal, PBS and and NPR.

Yer commie buddy,
Mike Browne

P.S. Thank you for linking my Tomatoman Times, and for your nice comments. MB

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