Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something "Fishy" on Pennsylvania Avenue

If your only news source is one of the Big Three networks, you likely haven't seen the flap that's sent the blogosphere reeling in the past few days. It hasn't been the lead story on any NBC, ABC or CBS channel that I've seen, but it's certainly all over the Internet.

HERE's the link to the original White House blog where we're asked to send "fishy" emails directly to the White House since they may be filled with "disinformation" about the health care proposal.

HERE's a link to Senator John Cornryn's response to the White House blog where he expresses his alarm at this frightening action. THIS link talks about the Democrats' panic at resistance.

And, just for fun, HERE's a link to a hilarious YouTube video poking a little fun at the whole thing.

Only... the background battle of these skirmishes isn't all that funny.

I can't figure out if President O is simply determined to set the all-time record for "most money spent or allocated and most debt incurred in the shortest time by any president EVER" -- or whether it's the force of his monumental ego that is driving him to imprint his Obamacare logo on our collective asses.

The simple of mind and heart would have us believe he wants health care reform for the good of all. The more cynical of us bleat a wet, sloppy Brooklyn raspberry and say it's just one more facet of his not-so-hidden, far- far-left agenda, aka socialism in the closet. Don't ask and definitely don't tell.

I just can't figure it out -- what is the rush to reform? And more to the point, why does this reform include suppression of dissent?

President O wanted the whole enchilada done by the August congressional recess. Now, the date is September. Where is the time for actual debate? Where is the time for the citizenry to provide input to their representatives? Where is the time for these elected controllers of our lives to even READ the legislation? Why are we in such a hurry to incur another trillion or so dollars of debt that this shaky economy can't possibly support?

Everyone involved in the push to ram this program down our throats, from White House staffers to elected Pelosipeople to mainstream media "reporters" to liberal bloggers, have choked down O's message and are sell, sell, selling it harder than any car salesman with a hot prospect. Oh wait -- I forgot -- the Gov IS that car salesman now, isn't it.

I think they could worry less about DISinformation if they got a little more real information -- and not just prepackaged commercial sound bites -- to the American people.

With its usual Chicago pol tactics, O's team has started its own smear campaign against plain-vanilla protesters who don't like what they've heard about Obamacare. These aren't organized folk -- these are worried folk who don't want to hold out their hands for a government handout, and who don't want their money and health care decisions put into a government bureaucrat's hands.

These are concerned people who want to be heard, not railroaded. Life today in the old US of A is tenuous enough without Congress rushing into long-term decisions that will affect real people's lives at the most stressful of times.

I'll admit I received some "fishy" emails from my conservative brethren. I didn't forward them along to other friends because I didn't believe what I read. There really are some whopping lies and distortions making the rounds along with all those "please forward or you'll die in five minutes" prayer emails. But neither did I forward them to Big Bro in the White House.

When hopey and changey was voted into office, was free speechy given the boot?

If you're not getting BOTH SIDES of the news these days -- and yes, Virginia, there really are two sides to each story, check out the "Great Political Links" I've listed on the right-hand side of this blog. Those particularly worth your time, in my bloggy opinion, are "Ace of Spades" "Powerline" and "Real Clear Politics." "Iowahawk" will make you laugh until you spew Pepsi out your nose.

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