Sunday, July 12, 2009

Isn't It Refreshing?

I love that the collective mainstream media has taken off at least one pair of rose-colored glasses with regard to President Obama. While they haven't yet choked on any humble pie, and probably never will because that would mean they'd have to admit to their bias and cheerleading of the past couple of years, they can no longer ignore the poll numbers that show Obama at less than deity status.

Here's what The Huffington Post had to say on July 9th:
President Barack Obama's approval rating in Ohio has fallen rapidly in the past months.

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,259 voters in Ohio from June 26 to July 7. The poll found that 49% of voters disapprove of the job Obama is doing, while 44% approve.

That is 13 points down from May, when a separate Quinnipiac poll found a 62% approval rating and a 31% disapproval rating.

The most recent Quinnipiac poll also surveyed voters on Obama's handling of the economy, finding 48% disapproval and 46% approval. In May, Obama received a 57% approval rating on the economy.

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, attributed the new poll numbers to the economic climate.

"The economy in Ohio is as bad as anywhere in America," said Brown. "These numbers indicate that for the first time voters have decided that President Barack Obama bears some responsibility for their problems."

Until now, he said, voters largely been "blaming former President George W. Bush." But now, voters "might be taking out their frustration on President Obama, possibly deciding that the change he promised has not come as quickly as they expected."

Gosh, the President the media elected isn't doing so well. What a surprise. I'm flabbergasted to think that the community organizer with 30 seconds' experience in the Senate can't solve America's and the world's problems in the first six months.

I can understand die-hard liberals voting for any Democrat nominated. I can understand the uneducated and unwashed voting for a rock star celebrity with a nice turn of words and a great smile. But what the hell was everyone else thinking?

Obviously, they weren't thinking.

I lay the responsibility and blame for his election squarely at the media's duck feet. They laughed off or ignored every serious red flag that anyone not pro-Obama raised. Everyone lazy or gullible enough to take the mainstream news anchors and analysts at face value, without checking F-A-C-T-S for themselves, or at least reading opposition challenges, voted as the sheep they are -- and we're now living with the result.

I know, I know, it's too late -- President he is and President he will remain, at least for his first term. One can only speculate the damage he will do IN that first term, but I fear the speculation may not be as bad as the eventual reality.

As a liberal arts major in college I wasn't exposed to any high-level economics classes -- not that I could have understood them had I taken them. Whatever minor gifts I have lie in language, and my mantra from childhood has been, "die, numbers, die!" Still, I was an IT executive for years with budgetary responsibilities (how the gods laughed) and I have run a home business and household on my own for 15 years, so I have at least an inkling of the practical side of money matters.

It just seems to me fiscally irresponsible (translation: stupid) to propose a multi-trillion-dollar revision of our health care system while the country is suffering the deepest recession in 70 years. What kind of fiscally irresponsible (stupid) family would book a vacation cruise around the world when the house, the car, the dog and one kid had been repoed? What kind of -- you know, stupid -- corporation would buy all new computers, company jets, facilities, staplers and paperclips if the bottom line on the balance sheet were too red to be read?

It really makes me nuts to see Obama and his thugish administration tap, tap, tapping like manic Irish dancers trying to spend money THEY DON'T HAVE. Who does that? Who proposes increased taxes on small business -- which provides the majority of jobs in a country at 10% unemployment? Someone without any common sense and any sensibility for people who struggle every day with the reality HE isn't living.

Even if you've managed to keep your customers, if you're a small business, or keep your job, if you're employed, your investments in your home and retirement have lost at least half their value over the past few years, and your personal financial future doesn't look nearly as bright as it did when you made all those cozy retirement plans.

All Obama's fault? Of course not. But having been elected based on hopey and changey, he's not coming through very well, is he? Hope may have won, but hope is going to cost a lot of bucks that we don't have, particularly when hope's health care program is so far out of the realm of practicality.

We may just have to bet on the outside chance that Congress wises up and just says NO. (pardon my snort laugh.)

So far I haven't seen the media sharks doing more than nosing the chum(p) in the water. I'm sure it's way too much to ask that they view empty words, ridiculously expensive proposals and general ineptitude with the jaundiced eye Sarah Palin got at every turn.

Silly me -- an articulate President so completely over his head in wide-eyed leftie idealism doesn't begin to compare with the gravity of a candidate's wardrobe.

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