Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boggling The Mind, #457

Even though it looks like Obama's massive health care reform ship is heading toward rocky waters and may, (please, God, please) capsize and sink, there's always the chance that it, or some form of it, will become part of our new reality.

I doubt there is any living, breathing American, guest resident or illegal resident, who doesn't agree that some sort of reform is necessary to provide at least minimum coverage for the uninsured. True, most can be served through emergency room facilities, but that isn't the real answer for chronic medical problems. I have my own personal horror story of dealing with the costs of six months in a transplant facility WITH great union insurance -- and I see through my work what the lack of good coverage can mean. Medical costs account for the majority of family bankruptcies -- due to many reasons, none of which I'm going to bore you with. They've been discussed aplenty recently.

The Clinton administration's attempt at reforming health care took a couple of years to live, languish and die -- from his announced intention in 1992 until the burial amid enormous controversy in 1994. Obama's strategy to announce, campaign and ram it down our collective throats has taken a bare six months -- and the conclusion is still unknown.

In an excerpt from one of his many speeches last week, Pres O said, "we will have health care reform -- make no mistake about it." That doesn't sound very friendly or collaborative to me. It sounds, well, dictatorial. His determination in this goal, as in every other problem that's crossed his desk, is backed by political intimidation, frank threats and Chicago-style arm twisting.

Let's face it, hopey and changey's record of success thus far is pretty damn miserable -- and his failed or failing pet projects have racked up unimaginable debt while being riddled with waste, fraud, and a dearth of oversight.

I came across an enlightening/appalling column (linked below) from Michelle Malkin's VERY entertaining and informative website. It illustrates the heart of what we're facing with O's administration and plans. His proposal passed frightening five months ago and is heading deep into disgust, taking our choices and our money with it.

If you do nothing else today, please, please read her column. In fact, bookmark Michelle's blog and check in with it frequently. Or I'll get my friends in Chicago to "convince" you.


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