Monday, July 21, 2008

The Other Side Of The News

Most days I feel like Arte Johnson (from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) -- merrily riding my little red tricycle through life until the trike just.... falls over. Some days I fall to the Right and other days you can find me lying in the Left's green grass.

The Environment is high on my personal list of idealistic priorities -- the REAL environmental issues, not the pimped-up, Gored-up phony ones. Effective assistance to the disadvantaged is also on that list, and since I'm not a national defense fanatic, those three stances undoubtedly put me left of center.

Plenty of other issues will find me leaning to the right, however, so my little trike wobbles around a lot, sporting neither a donkey nor elephant bumper sticker.

In fact, I really don't understand blind, knee-jerk allegiance to either political party. I don't understand rabid single-agenda people who shut out at least half of the population's ideas and ideals; those who won't read, listen, watch or otherwise consider opposing points of view AND the possibility that those viewpoints may have merit and validity.

I certainly don't understand the Obama phenomenon where millions of people are blindly parading toward apparent victory behind a person with questionable financing ties, no significant accomplishments and who changes his mind and positions daily, along with his socks. But then, this parade is also marching to the drumbeat of the mainstream media.

I sent out a plea to friends who are exposed to material OTHER THAN network news and liberal blogs, begging for links to centrist or conservative websites where at least the opposition can be read, if not believed. I know that reading "PowerLine" for a year has opened my eyes and, I hope, broadened the scope of my information and knowledge a bit.

Here are a few recommendations from people I respect.
If you're a liberal leftie, take a chance and click one or two, if only to confirm your own thoughts... or if only for a laugh.
If you're a conservative rightie, you already get the opposing view from network news, but you might find some new and interesting places to park your trike for a few minutes.

I'm going to list these in a box on the right in a few days. If you have a favorite blog or website, send it to me and I'll include it. Yes, yes, liberal ones, too.


annie kelleher said...

i completely share your feelings about those with knee-jerk allegiances. my mother is such a person - in her opinion, if a candidate is republican, he or she must be the right candidate. i was raised in a family where if you didn't vote republican, you didn't come home for dinner on election day. but i hve to disagree with you that the mainstream media presents the opposite of conservative views. the mainstream media, in my opinion, presents the view that sells news.

~~ Cynthia ~~ said...

Interesting, Annie... except I have to believe that conservatives also "buy" their wares and I feel that point of view is rarely represented. An example is the Obama interview with ABC news posted today on PowerLine. The interviewer at one point say, "I don't want to put you on the spot..." Isn't that a reporter's job? Don't they routinely put people on the spot with hard questions? Apparently his lordship Obama is exempt from that position. Thanks for posting -- I think we disagree on this. :-) Cyn

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