Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Disclaimer

Gentle Readers...
I've received so many emailed comments (and a couple of phone calls) about the following post (Curmudgeons Unite!) that I wanted to add this disclaimer... (something like the warning you get before you watch live births on TV).

Dave Barry I'm not, but honestly, it was tongue in cheek, folks... yeah, those things really do annoy me, but I don't walk around muttering and wagging my head about the younger generation or how rotten the world is. Life in my corner of the world is pretty damn good, and the things I listed are just petty annoyances that keep my blood flowing.

Thanks to those who "got it" -- and really, I don't have a negative outlook. Most days.

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Kathy said...

Well, I'm only 47, but I chuckled quite a bit at the last post. And I'm a menopausal tax accountant in the middle of a hot flash AND tax season, so that's pretty special. Thank you for the snort.

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