Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Melange


I've posted
a few new things in the "new" column to the right that you might find interesting and may not have seen.... from fractal images to a humorous take on bizarre diets, to Blog Action Day and Photo Friday... and (just a reminder) as each Sunday is posting day for Post Secret, there are new secrets on that site you may have missed.

Since it's back-to-work Monday for many of us, you might need a break later. I found these links to be worth a bit of time and think you will too.

And....I'm starting the countdown today -- exactly one month until I leave for Europe again, this time with one of my sons, who is speaking at a symposium at Oxford. We're spending a few days in Paris, a few in Oxford and a few in London.

He's never been to any of those cities, and I do have a loose agenda of sights for him to explore with his hubba hubba camera. I learned my lesson last year about cramming too much into a whirlwind tour (described HERE,) but if anyone has any suggestions of favorite things to see or do or eat in those cities, I'd love to hear them. You can leave as "comments" here or email to -- and THANKS!

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Anonymous said...

brilliant time to be going...adios to the turistas and, hopefully, much better clime. I haven't been back to where I grew up in many a moon, wish I could give you some insight on food since so many places are now worth eating in. (Oh, the Yankee snob, here.)
Wish I were attending to hear.

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