Sunday, July 15, 2007

Impeachment Interview - Moyers/Fein/Nichols

One of the blogs I list in my section of "Blogs Worth Your Time" is North Carolina Mountain Dreams, whose writer, Gary Boyd, recently started another blog, Coffee Muses, which has more opinion/commentary content and flavor than his original. The writer walks on the liberal side of the fence and provides articles and links in support of his political views.

The one posted today is the link to the transcript of Friday night's Bill Moyers Journal. As the introduction to the transcript says,
Bill Moyers talks with Bruce Fein and John Nichols

BILL MOYERS: One of the fellows you're about to meet wrote the first article of impeachment against President Clinton. Bruce Fein did so because perjury is a legal crime. And Fein believed no one is above the law. A constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein served in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration and as general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission. Bruce Fein has been affiliated with conservative think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation and now writes a weekly column for THE WASHINGTON TIMES and

He's joined by John Nichols, the Washington correspondent for THE NATION and an associate editor of the CAPITOL TIMES. Among his many books is this most recent one, THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT: THE FOUNDERS' CURE FOR ROYALISM.

I found the interview to be captivating, thoughtful and terrifying.

I'm not well enough informed on Constitutional law, the powers of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency, Congress and the morass of the war on terror to offer any intelligent comment, but I am certain you will find this interview gripping no matter what your political affiliation might be.

Start with Coffee Muses and follow his link to the interview,
Or just read the interview here.

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